“Eddie is one of the best leaders I’ve had the privilege of working with and he helped and inspired me to become a better software engineer!”

Kimberly Vandiver, Senior Front-End Engineer at ThreatConnect

How to think like a dev

A cohort-based course where you can stop wondering what being a software engineer is like, ditch the imposter syndrome, and learn the skills to think like a developer.

Most people think they need to learn the right programming language...

...but what you really need is to learn how to solve problems with code!

Programming languages come and go, but we’ll take a deep-dive into what it means to use code to solve problems, how to structure your code for change, and the best way to approach learning new languages.

  • You'll write code confidently that solves problems
  • You'll develop the ability to learn new languages
  • You'll collaborate with other engineers
  • You'll break down big requirements into small iterative solutions
  • You'll debug complex problems using a proven framework


Eddie Hinkle – Hey there, I’m leading the course, ‘How to Think Like a Dev’.

More than 15 years ago, I experienced all the same challenges you face today as you work to break into software engineering.
Over the years working in the tech industry I’ve seen some engineers thrive and I’ve seen others stumble and fail. The difference between those who succeed and those who fail all comes down to a mindset. You are building a system rather than writing code.
I love seeing new software engineers thrive, and can’t wait to help you break into tech!

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Course Syllabus

Get a look at all of the content covered in the book. Everything you need to know is inside.

“Everything Starts as a Square” is comprised of 240 tightly edited, highly visual pages designed to teach you everything you need to know about icon design with no unnecessary filler.

  1. What's in a Language?

    As a software engineer you’ll learn a lot of new languages! We’ll use TypeScript in this course because it’s similar to JavaScript but it flexes your muscles to learning a new language. In this module you’ll learn how to scaffold your own learning for TypeScript in order to learn new languages in the future!
  2. Big Problems Need Small Solutions

    You’ll always be asked to deliver large projects in short amounts of time. It’s a constant challenge that is being a software engineer. We’ll discuss how to break big problems into small, iterative solutions. As well as use the Product-Delivery Paradox to communicate with Product and Project Managers about the right trade-offs for any project.


Over an hour of high quality, step-by-step video content to sharpen your icon design workflow.

Learn how to design your very first icons in a series of screencasts that will teach you everything you need to know to go from beginner to pro in just over an hour.

  1. Getting started with Figma

    Get familiar with the Figma UI, the different tools it offers, and the most important features.

  2. Setting up your artboard

    Learn how to create a new artboard and configure your grid and rulers for designing icons.

  3. Designing your first icon

    Using basic shapes and boolean operations, learn how to design your own notification icon from scratch.

  4. Advanced design techniques

    Learn the techniques you need to know to adapt your original icon to a modern duotone style.


Tools and resources you can use to get started even faster and progress even further.

Design assets, icon teardowns, and a community of fellow icon designers where you can ask questions, get feedback, and accelerate your learning.

  1. Figma icon templates

    Pefectly structured templates for quickly designing new icons at dozens of common sizes.

  2. Weekly icon teardowns

    Weekly videos where we dissect and recreate beautiful icons we find on the web.

  3. Community of icon designers

    A private Discord server where you can get help and give feedback on each others' work.

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